SUNDUS L MAZER was born in the State of Kuwait, a gem of a country tucked away in the Arabian Peninsula. She has lived in the beautiful island of Ikaros; a place that blends ancient civilization & Arabian culture. Ikaros served as an inspiration for her ambitious pursuits in the field of beauty. At an early age, SUNDUS L MAZER showed great fondness for nature & an even greater fondness for her country. She excelled in her studies & is one of the few women who has made a foray into the diverse & challenging business world. Due of her ardent passion and her love of knowledge, Sundus decided that she will dedicate and share her ideas & expertise in the beauty and aesthetic world focusing on women’s well-being. She came to the realization that: TRUE BEAUTY COMES FROM INSIDE and OUT. This refers to combining the inner and outer energy to attain a splendid persona. With this; she established the first specialized beauty center in Kuwait with a focus on building & catering a complete beauty solution for women. For the past 13 years, SUNDUS L MAZER’s dedication has led to continuous success in her entrepreneurial journey, armed with the first environmental friendly customer solution. The idea to establish a luxurious well-being method was conceived during her stay in Switzerland. She came to appreciate the purity and absolute beauty of nature during her meditation sessions. She came to the conclusion that nature gives out pure oxygen which is the essence of life. From this idea, she began her research & quest into the world of beauty. SUNDUS L MAZER wanted to make the world of beauty simple, pure & effective. With this objective in mind, the tasks were set and a team was formed. Under her leadership, the brand was established to create the first natural oxygen project in the region. The team spent their time understanding nature & monitoring the beauty of days & secrets of nights. They spent their time observing the generation of oxygen in its purest form. Their study endeavored to answer how nature reveals real beauty, essence & aesthetic. This sums up the need for an oxygen generating system that will provide us with an aesthetic tool which combines botanical substances & materials to be used to alleviate beauty issues & concerns. Researchers in cutting edge labs located in Japan, Germany, France, Italy, UK, USA & Switzerland were harnessed to perfect it. The mission was set on track and the objective of success was defined with love and a lot of love.
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